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The gym bag 2

My gym stuff is getting a shake-up!! Yay!

The husband is giving me a new gym bag. And I have a nice new pair of shoes now. And new year also in here .. So I am all pepped up and bouncy and generally excited about life.

I reviewed the contents of my old gym bag here. The contents are very much the same, well almost. And the new bag’s just another motivation to trod to the gym. Its nice, bright yellow two tone bag and free.. Yup it is. Free. And it has lots of small pouches. I dont knwo what I will keep in them, but I am excited about it.

Pictures coming soon.Real Soon.

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Weight loss – with time!

Today when I was working out, I suffered through it. Usually when the pain is searing through the muscles most people need that extra push to get them through their work out. This is more important in the context that only after a certain period of workout, do we actually see visible results And I wanted to find out about when to expect results during workout. So , I found a general timeline on how long I need to persevere to find that final super kick to get me running with joy, on the treadmill.

In the process, I realised that the most important aspect is to keep the motivation while waiting for the results. Not for one day, not for 2 days but for as long as it takes for your body to respond to the workout. While expecting results, always keep in mind a few things :
  1. Every body and every lifestyle is different.
  2. What works for one, does not work for the other. Results always vary. 
  3. Each type of workout has its own  timeline on results. Some needs 3 months, some longer, or may be shorter.
  4. Weight loss comes last. First comes lots of energy & better moods. Then comes fab skin and great hair & nails. Weight loss comes after all this only. 

The reason why anyone ever saw any difference is patience and perseverance. The ability to consistently apply yourself despite the results is the only way to guarantee results. Not surprisingly, there are millions of people who stand testimony to thid. No, not the people in the ads, but ordinary people with not-so-glamorous lives. This is the commom thread that underlies all the workout philosophies world over. And it is in embracing this that we can also see results. 
So, stop checking the scales every day obsessively. So stop starving your body. Hydrate. Commit to your workout. And finally, have Patience.
Have patience. And wait for the result.
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Keep that workout going….

That I have already told you how I drag my feet to the gym(here), I thought its only logical to talk about the next step .. How to “Keep on Going” at the gym, when you want to call it a day.So this post is about how to get that muscles moving when you are in the gym. I am going to tell you some ways to work your concentration around that pain to pull you through the workout and I have figured out that there is more than one way to do this

 I thought about it a bit, asked a few friends, and watched gym mates on what pushes them that extra 10 minutes (more or less)

MUSIC: The universally most popular way is the music playlist. There are a lot of advantages to this one. You can choose your favorites. You can decide your pace, type, rhythm etc. The beats in the song can set the pace of your workout. Or the rhythm can make you to move to it while working on weights. Or it can simply serve as your clock – to do one weight routine/machine until one track gets over.

TV: This is my personal favorite. As much as I love cycling I hate the treadmill. On days when I have no choice but the treadmill for my cardio workout, the T.V is my saviour. As long as the TV is on and my eyes are on it, I can survive 45-50 mins on the workout. And would not last 20 mins on my music list. My music list is pretty decent. Yet nothing works for me like the TV does.

COUNTING: When doing weights, and that shoulder muscle is spilling silent tears, I count in a language that is not my mother tongue or english. I count in French or in Hindi or in Telugu. It is simply distracting.When its hindi or telugu, I sometimes forget the numbers. I end up thinking about what is the next number and forget the pain. I dont know if there is great logic here, but it gets through 3 sets of 25 of any exercise.

COMPETITION: One friend says one way to stick to your workout is to compete with the Mr./Ms. G of the gym. Or simply the person next to you on the machine. She usually competes with the person who gets on a cardio machine immediately after her.  And works out for 5 mins atleast after she has stepped off it. I have not tried it yet as I am still struggling to get used to the treadmill.But it is pretty effective if you ask her.

2 MINS MORE: Another friend at the gym says she that  when she wants to stops, she pushes herself to do just 2 minutes more on the cardio machines. And 5 more on weights. And if she can do that, then 5 more, then 5 more .. and so on. At the end, she has done quite a count and not too exhausted too. Also, she does her weights before she does her cardios.

So yeah. Try these if you find it hard to move that body.

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Workouts are a super de-stresser I have heard. And it definitely is true if you ask me too. An  amazing mood elevator I must admit. Of late there is a skip in my step. I feel a lot more energetic. I pack a lot more in  my day now. I sleep really well. I used to get dreams and nightmares, but now sleep is good. Good cheer and energy are back into my life..

 But here are a few more small tips to make life a little more cheerful and stress free.

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Perfumes at work OUT

Today I was back from work very late and had to rush to gym to cram in todays workout. I did not want to start the Count-until-30 all over again. So decided to fit in atleast 30 minutes of workout. And guess what almost broke my resolution. Body spray. 

The girl working out beside me was sweating hard and running consistently.   Quite inspiring. But I ran.. not on the treadmill, but away from it.  She was wearing a perfume that was too strong and was one of cheap room spray types. It just invaded the whole workout hall like a smoke bomb. All the people in the gym were working out in the farthest corner simply to keep distance from her. And I did just the same. I picked a crosstread 4 machines away.

Strong perfumes are very distracting. Not just in the gym everywhere, but more so in the gym. During workouts we are constantly looking to push our limits and there already is sufficient assault on the body. There is absolutely no need to add an olfactory aspect to it. Strong and dense perfumes are as unbearable as BO. It is good that she felt the need to keep BO at bay. However it is very important to keep it mild and to choose a good body spray/ perfume.
Please. For the sake of the others in the gym, who need as much workout as you do , probably more.
Thanks to for the Image
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The gym bag

I found a new excuse to shop. I need a gym bag. Puma Store..Cute red bag…. here I come..
Ncurrieram keeping my wallet tightly shut for a few days. I am living on a budget as I am moving out of the city in a few months time. Absolutely no shopping for anything other than household stuff. So I dug out a large tote I used to use as an overnight bag. BTW here is a picture of the bag I wanted, but resisted.
Now, I prefer keeping my bags light and carry only the essentials. My handbag too holds only minimal things. The gym is just 5 minutes away from home and makes it easy to run back if I realllllly need anything.

I am not an exact fan of taking a shower in the gym. I get back home for the shower. I pack a second set of clothes( and my makeup bag) only on weekends, when I use the steam room. So my gym bag stays prettty light on most days. And when I get home, I put my dumbbells inside it thus keeping my workout stuff from straying about the house.
And no energy bars or post workout smoothies either. I cant eat right after workout.Plus I think smoothies are too dense and filling. No can do.The lemon juice works just fine for me; during workout, and after too.

Coming to what I pack, here is a list of what I stuff inside my gym bag( rather gym tote) :

  • Shoes
  • 2 pairs of socks 
  • 2 sets of hand towels
  • 1 good deo
  • Hairbands
  • Foldable hairbrush
  • A one litre water bottle( filled with lemon juice w/o sugar)
  • Mobile, keys and wallet
  • Mat
So yeah. That’s whats in it. Ill add some pictures of my actual bag shortly.
And here is my current bag:
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Routines & Day 2

I have not been a creature of habit, or of great discipline. And of late, I have been discovering the comfort of habit and routine. The simple assurance of knowing my plan for the day, I have realised, is peaceful in its own way. Excitement and surprises do jump in once in a while, but my routine ensures I have time for everything I value. All my priorities find their rightful place in my day.
In the course of setting my routine, I have seen that doing anything for 30 continuous days makes it a habit, makes it something that will be missed if stopped. For eg, Waking up at 0500 hrs every morning, for 30 days, no matter how much resistance your body shows, adjusts your body clock to wake up at that exact time on the 31st day. This method has pretty much worked for me on most occasions and this is how I tuned my body to my work schedule.
How I did  this? I picked inspiration from a very soppy TV series which aired a few years ago on some hindi channel. The main character of the series, a woman, was depicted as a beautiful, very loving, very skilled,  epitome of virtue etc – an impossibly boring indian daughter in law, who indian men can take not only to their mother , but also to their grandmother, and probably to her mother too. Out of social circumstances, she gets married to a guy who already has a live-in relationship with his business partner. And ill-treats her. Somewhere in the course of all this drama, an astrologist foretells that in 45 days, a major catastrophe will occur and she will die. So she opens out this 45 day chart, and  marks out each day as it passes and notes whatever happens to her. And 45 episodes breezed away. Ofcourse she did not die.. Duh!
Yes it was, & is, a crap prime-time soap. Yes I watched the episodes. All 45of them. And before you mark me down as a couch potato, let me tell you I have a decently active life, and watch very less TV now, and bring you back to the content of this post.
  • I opened out a calendar too.
  • And marked out 30 days.
  • I  have decided to cross out each day as it passes by.
  • I will also note down each days food and workout.
  • And I will blog it here.
  • For 30 days.
  • And make blogging AND gym a habit.
Now comes the actual reason for this post. It is a national Holiday, and the gym is closed.My 30 routine has already been broken( Sigh!).
Day 2 of gym is not happening and will be replaced by 1hr of walking, in the evening
I shall restart my count-until-30 tomorrow.

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