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The gym bag 2

My gym stuff is getting a shake-up!! Yay!

The husband is giving me a new gym bag. And I have a nice new pair of shoes now. And new year also in here .. So I am all pepped up and bouncy and generally excited about life.

I reviewed the contents of my old gym bag here. The contents are very much the same, well almost. And the new bag’s just another motivation to trod to the gym. Its nice, bright yellow two tone bag and free.. Yup it is. Free. And it has lots of small pouches. I dont knwo what I will keep in them, but I am excited about it.

Pictures coming soon.Real Soon.

Health, Workout Log

A little jewellery

Today while having coffee at work, I heard a colleague say her chain has become slightly loose. And was shocked breathless when she clarified it was her waist chain.

In India, CHILDREN wear waist chains. After a few years, its taken off. They probably wear it till they are 10 years old. No one has it on at 26 years. No One.

But, she still has it on. She never outgrew what she wore as a child. (Whatttttttt? How?)

I cant even imagine it. It is just miraculous or plan luck that someone can be built that way. Super fast metabolic rate I guess, but it just leaves me with my jaw dropped. There is nothing I wouldn’t sacrifice to be like that. No just kidding. I believe that whatever we get without a bit of effort, we fail to value. So yup, this is what I am going to do:

  1. double up those crunches
  2. Not make Sunday rest day – Do some cardio at least
  3. be more committed to healthy eating
  4. Keep rice kilometers away

Everytime I think of the waist chain, that is where I want to get. I want to be able to wear child size stuff. No not really. I don’t think my body has that kind of frame. I have broad shoulders and all that. So no childsize clothes/accessories for me. But I sure can hope to wear a waist chain that is not XXL size.

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Daily log 4


2 sets of 20 each : Mid row , lateral pulls, Pec fly, Reverse fly, elbow raise,wrist twist, Thigh crunches and reverse crunches, Calf raise, Leg press

2 sets of 50 of calf puches, arm raise

30 mins of treadmill
5 mins of Crosstread

3 sets of 10 counts : Ironman, Superman, and 3 other posture holds for which I dont know the names.

Whole body stretch 15 mins


Breakfast: 2 slices bread
Lunch: 1 cup rice, I cup dal
dinner: Butter naan and Malai kofta

I know all days of workout has been effectively neutralized now. Sigh!!

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Daily Log 3


Cardio: 30 mins of cardio


Total cheat day!! Phew!

Breakfast: 1 cup oats, 1 slice bread, 1 cup coffee

Mid meal snack: Half cucumber

Lunch: 2 rotis, 1/2 cup Palak Dal, 1/2 cup carrot rice, FRYUMS .. eeeee!!

Mid meal snack: Half cucumber

Dinner: 1 large bowl soup, 1 glass buttermik

I ate fryums.. and one big cup of coffee.. I am sure the 30 minutes is too short..

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Daily log 2

Work Out :
15 mins Cross tread
 2 sets of 20 each : Pec fly, Reverse fly, Arms raise, Elbow raise, Wrist twist
 2 sets of 25 each: Mid row, Shoulder pulls
Food :
Breakfast: Oats
Mid snack: Steamed corn kernels
Lunch: 3 small dosas, 1 cup rice
Mid snack: Half a cucumber
Dinner : Mushroom Soup, 1 slice bread
150ml coffee, 150 ml tea, 1 litre water, 1/2 cup hung curd.
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Daily log 1

Cardio: 30mins – treadmill
Stretch: 10 mins
Breakfast:   2 idlis + Sambar
Lunch:        2 rotis + dal, 1 cup rice+ rasam, Noodles salad
Dinner:       1 Large bowl oats, 1 slice bread, 1 glass buttermilk
Lemon juice, 1 Cup coffee, 1 sip tea, 500ml water.