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This weekend was date night with the husband and what did we do? Watch Holiday and have dinner at Copper Chimney. Which is material for another  post. This post is about the movie. Picture below. Review and other stuff further below.
For those who have seen Thupakki, this is a movie to skip. So is this review. But there are a few bits at the end that might give you a laugh, so jump right down.
For the others, the movie is about a happy army officer Akshay Kumar who comes home on a holiday. The opening scenes shows a dirty-booted, awkward mannered Virat(akki) being forced by his family to endure a “girl-seeing” ceremony. Enter Sonakshi as the girl, Saibaa. After a bit of he-says-no, then she-says-no, then they both say yes and run around the trees, or desert in this case, the movie proceeds. This angle of the story is very much the same old. So no news here.
The other angle is the more interesting one.

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