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It is the time for Whaaat?

2014 has sped away like a roller coaster in full speed, with all its ups and downs and it feels like it is time to take stock. But am i the stock taking types?No. That would be husbands profession – (Logistics and Supply chain). So we shall not interfere. We shall stick to the resolutions for the year. Cause according to about 80% of the global average population, it is must do activity. In all honesty, they are just for the first month and in some cases last only 1 week.Nevertheless we shall make them this year, just like every other year past. In retrospection, I really to buckle up. So this year, lets make them SMART. And schedule some reviews. Tedious? Yes. Works? Apparently Yes yes.

1. Sleep a little less. (now i need some serious commitment to get this going. I made this resolution  last year, practised and woke up at 9 on 1st Jan 2015. Phew!)

2. Less TV and increase daily productivity ( lock away the remote and throw the key into the bottom of the sea)

3. Eat home cooked food – all 3 meals – for atleast 5 days a week. (Brownie points for making the husband very happy)

4. Gym more and be regulat ( its not enough to buy fancy shoes and bag. Must put them to use!! No seriously)

5. Read atleast 1 book per week. ( Without TV, this is very much achievable)

6. Live within a budget. ( more money for my precious electronics. Hehe)

Now for the smart bit.The Specific,Measurable,acheivable,realistic,timebound aspects – I have decided the specific bit is all i am going until. The measuring is gonna happen with a planner and review shall happen in 3 months. Hehe . Lets see. So here goes.

As much as I have all this shaped up, I am still craving for sleep and sloth, my eternal friend. I plan to shake them off and start of new activities surrounding the blog this coming year. Yup, new stuff coming up in 2015!!

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The gym bag 2

My gym stuff is getting a shake-up!! Yay!

The husband is giving me a new gym bag. And I have a nice new pair of shoes now. And new year also in here .. So I am all pepped up and bouncy and generally excited about life.

I reviewed the contents of my old gym bag here. The contents are very much the same, well almost. And the new bag’s just another motivation to trod to the gym. Its nice, bright yellow two tone bag and free.. Yup it is. Free. And it has lots of small pouches. I dont knwo what I will keep in them, but I am excited about it.

Pictures coming soon.Real Soon.

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Weight loss – with time!

Today when I was working out, I suffered through it. Usually when the pain is searing through the muscles most people need that extra push to get them through their work out. This is more important in the context that only after a certain period of workout, do we actually see visible results And I wanted to find out about when to expect results during workout. So , I found a general timeline on how long I need to persevere to find that final super kick to get me running with joy, on the treadmill.

In the process, I realised that the most important aspect is to keep the motivation while waiting for the results. Not for one day, not for 2 days but for as long as it takes for your body to respond to the workout. While expecting results, always keep in mind a few things :
  1. Every body and every lifestyle is different.
  2. What works for one, does not work for the other. Results always vary. 
  3. Each type of workout has its own  timeline on results. Some needs 3 months, some longer, or may be shorter.
  4. Weight loss comes last. First comes lots of energy & better moods. Then comes fab skin and great hair & nails. Weight loss comes after all this only. 

The reason why anyone ever saw any difference is patience and perseverance. The ability to consistently apply yourself despite the results is the only way to guarantee results. Not surprisingly, there are millions of people who stand testimony to thid. No, not the people in the ads, but ordinary people with not-so-glamorous lives. This is the commom thread that underlies all the workout philosophies world over. And it is in embracing this that we can also see results. 
So, stop checking the scales every day obsessively. So stop starving your body. Hydrate. Commit to your workout. And finally, have Patience.
Have patience. And wait for the result.
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Keep that workout going….

That I have already told you how I drag my feet to the gym(here), I thought its only logical to talk about the next step .. How to “Keep on Going” at the gym, when you want to call it a day.So this post is about how to get that muscles moving when you are in the gym. I am going to tell you some ways to work your concentration around that pain to pull you through the workout and I have figured out that there is more than one way to do this

 I thought about it a bit, asked a few friends, and watched gym mates on what pushes them that extra 10 minutes (more or less)

MUSIC: The universally most popular way is the music playlist. There are a lot of advantages to this one. You can choose your favorites. You can decide your pace, type, rhythm etc. The beats in the song can set the pace of your workout. Or the rhythm can make you to move to it while working on weights. Or it can simply serve as your clock – to do one weight routine/machine until one track gets over.

TV: This is my personal favorite. As much as I love cycling I hate the treadmill. On days when I have no choice but the treadmill for my cardio workout, the T.V is my saviour. As long as the TV is on and my eyes are on it, I can survive 45-50 mins on the workout. And would not last 20 mins on my music list. My music list is pretty decent. Yet nothing works for me like the TV does.

COUNTING: When doing weights, and that shoulder muscle is spilling silent tears, I count in a language that is not my mother tongue or english. I count in French or in Hindi or in Telugu. It is simply distracting.When its hindi or telugu, I sometimes forget the numbers. I end up thinking about what is the next number and forget the pain. I dont know if there is great logic here, but it gets through 3 sets of 25 of any exercise.

COMPETITION: One friend says one way to stick to your workout is to compete with the Mr./Ms. G of the gym. Or simply the person next to you on the machine. She usually competes with the person who gets on a cardio machine immediately after her.  And works out for 5 mins atleast after she has stepped off it. I have not tried it yet as I am still struggling to get used to the treadmill.But it is pretty effective if you ask her.

2 MINS MORE: Another friend at the gym says she that  when she wants to stops, she pushes herself to do just 2 minutes more on the cardio machines. And 5 more on weights. And if she can do that, then 5 more, then 5 more .. and so on. At the end, she has done quite a count and not too exhausted too. Also, she does her weights before she does her cardios.

So yeah. Try these if you find it hard to move that body.

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The Bulging lunch bag

I work in a factory. The office bus picks me up and drops me back. There is food( proper meals & snacks), tea,coffee, water etc available right at work. Stationary is abundant. There is a medical centre. And all that Jazz. So there is next to need for me to actually carry a handbag at all. But I do pack a nice light one.It has just the essentials:  wallet, mobile phone, ID card, keys, shades, tissues, a couple pens and a tiny notepad, tissues and hand sanitizer. Sometimes I even manage to keep my money in my ID card and leave the wallet back home.

But now, the bag looks like a pregnant cow.

The size of the bag, these days, has phenomenally increased. And it is simply food. With workouots, I have become pretty conscious of my food. And packing my food makes me keep to my regime. I dont reach for that digestive biscuit, or for cup of tea, or pop corn or whatever else is available at work. I eat what I pack. Even if it (sometimes) is simply to reduce the weight of my bag for the evening.

On my work desk, I stack the boxes, so that they are always in line of sight. That way , the snacks and biscuits find no place around me. Also, they help me keep time, to ensure the food is regular, that I eat something every 2 hours. The water bottle sits right beside reminding me to empty it before the day is done.  

To ensure I have something to look forward to, I try and vary the menu as much as I can.Sometimes its fruits ,salads, beans etc. I carry a breakfast and 2 mid meals. And this is my day in general. So I plan on the week ends and cook a bit in the late evenings during week days, for the next working day. But I buy and stock most stuff during the weekend or on a monthly basis.

Here is straight list of what I do:

  1. I plan in advance for my meals and buy it right. – I have a schedule table which I try to adhere to. And do my shopping accordingly.
  2. I seek recipes to make them a little more interesting. –  I experiment with spices and flavours to find tastes I enjoy. I ave realised I hate raw onions in my salad.
  3. I cook my own food – Yes I do. I know how much I eat & what I like. Plus If I cook, I dont want to waste  – the effort or the food. I ensure there is time for this everyday.
  4. I eat in a timely manner – Once every 2 /2.5 hours. Definitely.
  5. I keep fried snacks and junk out of sight – I shop for me. So I simply keep off the aisles stocking junk.

And then I pack and I carry it to work. Daily. Even if it means mini arm workout everyday.

My today’s lunch pack has these:

A box of Oats( 1.5 cups) – for breakfast
A box of cooked corn(1/2 cup) – Mid meal snack
A box of peas saladr(1/2 to1) – Mid meal snack
A large bottle of water ( about a litre) with a slice of lemon in it.

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A little jewellery

Today while having coffee at work, I heard a colleague say her chain has become slightly loose. And was shocked breathless when she clarified it was her waist chain.

In India, CHILDREN wear waist chains. After a few years, its taken off. They probably wear it till they are 10 years old. No one has it on at 26 years. No One.

But, she still has it on. She never outgrew what she wore as a child. (Whatttttttt? How?)

I cant even imagine it. It is just miraculous or plan luck that someone can be built that way. Super fast metabolic rate I guess, but it just leaves me with my jaw dropped. There is nothing I wouldn’t sacrifice to be like that. No just kidding. I believe that whatever we get without a bit of effort, we fail to value. So yup, this is what I am going to do:

  1. double up those crunches
  2. Not make Sunday rest day – Do some cardio at least
  3. be more committed to healthy eating
  4. Keep rice kilometers away

Everytime I think of the waist chain, that is where I want to get. I want to be able to wear child size stuff. No not really. I don’t think my body has that kind of frame. I have broad shoulders and all that. So no childsize clothes/accessories for me. But I sure can hope to wear a waist chain that is not XXL size.