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Blogging: 5 ways to blog on ZERO budget

 Bugged by questions on what an optimal blog budget would be? How much would it cost to run a blog? Would it be too expensive? Will it be affordable ? The business has just started and you really can’t allocate funds for a blog? Here are 5 resources that will help you do it, all for free!!!

1.The  platform:  WordPress & Blogger the most popular ones out there are very good places to start. While blogger is entirely free and comes with a whole host of google goodies you can use, the free version of WordPress is no less either. WordPress  also allows you to upgrade to a paid version where you get more storage and a custom domain name, giving you flexibility for a future date. They both offer great themes and customization. But when it comes to quality widgets, WordPress is the clear winner. 
2.The blog link:While it is quite important to have a your own domain for a blog, especially in the business sense, you do get free site links with Blogger and WordPress.  You could start with these and then buy domains later. I, for starters, began with Now I have purchased a domain: from Godaddy. As long  the name is the same ( ssuchie, on both the links), there shouldn’t be a big problem transitioning.Also, signup for Bitly, to get shortened versions of you post links, to be able to share your posts on twitter and other share sites.
3.The photos: Any seasoned blogger will tell you it is important to invest in a good camera .  And that, certainly, is golden truth. Unless you already own a good camera, it is still okay to take pictures with your phone if it has anything close to  8 MP on its camera and a flash to go with it. You could take your pictures with this and then manipulate them to create quite interesting blog graphics. Sometimes, the images on my blog are from my Samsung Grand and then are manipulated.And once manipulated, it is quite difficult to tell the camera and phone pictures apart.  If the phone pictures are well taken that is…
4.The graphics and photo manipulation: While the best  image manipulation program,  Photoshop, needs to be purchased, there are free options too. GIMP  is a full fledged program with almost as much potential as  Photoshop, is open source and free for download. Picmonkey and Piktochart are online tools that can present a lot of options. Picmonkey has a lot of interesting overlays and can be used to manipulate your images or create interesting graphics yourself. Piktogrqaphics can be used  to create  images of statistics and is a tool businesses will love for their blogs, or otherwise.
5.Blog promotion: The most popular ones here are the free ones.  Thats right : Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest, Instagram, Bloglovin’. Also it is good practice to have email lists to promote your blog.There are places to buy email lists for blog promotion. This is very useful if you ave an aggressive blog promotion strategy and yes a budget. But creating your own list from facebook, blog c omments, pinterest etc gives you a list  of people who are really interested your content and possibly relate to it. Creating your own list would therefore be more meaningful  than promoting to random  individuals, especially in the context of personal blogs . You could also join blog communities and blog hops to promote your blog and collaborate with other bloggers to a give  real boost to your blog viewership, especially with your blog’s target audience.
So there you go ! Pick and choose to optimize your costs or simply get started for Free!!!

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