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This weekend was date night with the husband and what did we do? Watch Holiday and have dinner at Copper Chimney. Which is material for another  post. This post is about the movie. Picture below. Review and other stuff further below.
For those who have seen Thupakki, this is a movie to skip. So is this review. But there are a few bits at the end that might give you a laugh, so jump right down.
For the others, the movie is about a happy army officer Akshay Kumar who comes home on a holiday. The opening scenes shows a dirty-booted, awkward mannered Virat(akki) being forced by his family to endure a “girl-seeing” ceremony. Enter Sonakshi as the girl, Saibaa. After a bit of he-says-no, then she-says-no, then they both say yes and run around the trees, or desert in this case, the movie proceeds. This angle of the story is very much the same old. So no news here.
The other angle is the more interesting one.

The officer who is in town for a nice vacay is the kinds who hangs on the shoulders of a friend who is a cop and irritates the life out of  him by looking at & commenting on all his case files. During one bus journey,Virat and his friend stumble upon a terrorist conspiracy by engaging in some army man -giri. It involves sleeper cells. Yup. Sleeper cells. And the action hero now springs out of Akki’s skin – bad hair-style, kung-fu feet, focused eyes and all. And then the movie goes on to show Akki tracing and killing the sleeper cells single handedly.

Now the story through Akkis focused eyes. The army is never on a Holiday, and therefore has the license to carry out a shootout. Twice. The first time he gangs up with a  group of army men and shoot down a pile of terrorists in the most crowded areas of Mumbai and nobody identifies him or his gang. So the terrorist supremo/ sleeper cell head, who’s brother dies in the aforesaid shoot out, steps in and decides to teach him a lesson. This is followed by some intense brain storming and amazing Sherlock work by the T.Supremo, who manages to narrow in on the possible candidates for revenge. The T.Supremo now kidnaps girls from the families of the army guys, selected by applying fuzzy logic, game theory and more complex theories( or NOT). Akki comes out one up on them, once again, by killing a pile of terrorists all by himself, and saving them girls. And then delivers a monologue on how the mango people of the country must be ready to sacrifice their lives for NOBLE causes. The rest of the movie has Akki and TSupremo clashing head on and we all know who wins. But do you know who loses? If see the  movie, you will know.
Now that you have the gist of the story above. Ill move to the bits you will enjoy:
  • The story.It is a nice fresh story line. It is not on the lines of regular terrorist hunting movies. It does not feature Kashmir, 200 -500 uniform clad army people( it has about 20 non uniform army guys though). And approach is interesting.
  • The Dance routines. The choreography in the songs is something I really enjoyed. The colours are nice, the background is fresh and moves are both slick and pleasing.
  • The Action scenes: Read fight sequences. Although it is regular Akki material, it somehow is one of the things I liked about this movie. Akki is at the best of his skills here and is actually better than the original
  • Hmm… Hmmm… Err!I turn to The Husband here to ask if he can suggest more. And he thinks he liked the pace. But if you ask me it was better in the original….


The bits you wont enjoy:
  • The back ground score . Those who have seen the original will tell you it is big big let down. Better score would have helped make the sequences are lot more gripping. You never feel the pace or the rush ever as the BG score does not do its job.The first half especially, where there is good pace and is very interesting. If only it has been complimented by good BG score.  
  • The dialog delivery. Simply lacks punch. It just does not deliver.
  • The characters. They all feel very distant. They are in a world of their own. And cant be bothered to be in the scene.


Oh wait , there is some more sauce.
10 other things this movie has ( some of applies to the original too ):
  1. Lesson in bad road behavior: It is okay to kiss reflections of girls on the review mirror of your vehicles. Will all real creeps please stand up!
  2. Suggested uses for Wardrobes: It is okay to sedate and store people in your wardrobes. It may be girls or anti-social elements.  There is no need to discriminate please.
  3. Humor: Older men, bald men and non-Greek-gods deserve to be laughed at. Ladies, please feel free. And yes, they are definitely not marriage material. Full stop.
  4. Notes on types of men: They can either be brainy or good looking. There is a very very rare possibility of a combination. There are no other types. Look real hard or you won’t find.
  5. Time pass options for travelling Army men: Beat each other to pulp. And be rough about it. Everything will be fine after the final friendly hand shake. No really…
  6. Vigilante behavior is the best: if you are an army man, do not go to the cops when you suspect terrorist activity. It’s a bad idea. Please take the law into your hands. Obtain endless hand guns and make bombs. And no, do not go to the Navy either. But, do blow up a ship. No problem.The sky is the limit. Well may be not.
  7. Creepy behavior girl style: If you like someone, stalk them and climb into their rooms via their balconies. Creeps stand up again please. Yes really.
  8. Fracture treatment: If your bones are broken, you can simply twist them into place and engage in some serious martial arts. All you docs – stop stealing our money and teach us that.
  9. Versatile styling options for clothes: If you run out of Tees, please borrow a cowl neck from your Girlfriend/sister. It is now unisex ladies. Sorry.
  10. Awesome Dialogs: The best way to write dialogs for a remake is to pay a translator to translate the original dialogs word for word. No. Punctuation changes are not permitted. No localization permitted. The local humor from the original also cannot be changed. Just translate ok.  


Despite all this, it is a one-time watch. Some of you may even want to watch again.. well!
Now for those who have already watched Thupakki, there is something coming your way. Soon. Watch out for it.

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