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On being 30.

I was born on 11 Apr 1984. Yesterday, I turned 30. And as I look back on those years, I realise I have so much to tell. About my life. About what goes on in my head. Where I stand at the turn of this decade and what special challenges I face. How I handle them and I hopes & opportunities they bring along. 
I did not have a blog when I was 20. I did not care for what it was then. I probably should have started writing then, considering I used to chatter incessantly then. Documenting it would have been quite fun actually. But I did not. So, here is me, writing at 30. When I started off, I couldn’t really start right away with whagt i wanted to say now. So I made of list of things to talk about at this juncture.
I made a list:
1. A list of things I am grateful for – when I mentally composed this, I actually had quite a list. Surprising!!
2. A list of things I am proud of – not much here.
3. My goals before I reach my next decade – quite a few actually. Health a priority.
4. The dreams I have currently. – quite a few. I want to act on them for sure. Let’s see
5. Lessons learnt so far – I needed to think hard on this one. I need a pen and paper
6. Aspects of me I would like to change – whole host here !! No surprises!
7. My regrets – Oh I have these too (despite my all smileys face).
And then I decided to write about the more mundane things. A few things really made made my day( Gifts! Yay!!) and taught me important lessons as well. 
First I received quite some gifts. People were very generous this year. While I bought myself a bracelet to commemorate this year, I got a perfume bottle, a nexus tab, a wad of cash, a cake, a load of wishes from friends. Blessed aint I. My mom decided it is the right time to have a chat with me about patience,tolerance and the compromises I would need to make with a smile on my face to make my sleep easier and days peaceful, on what I should prioritize and what I could afford to leave behind. Moms really are god gentle angels. They know exactly what to say when. My stoic Dad also decided to break into a smiles and hugs. And so did my frail old loves – my Granddad and Grandmom. My sister got me the cake and took me out for a dessert under the skies at 2200hrs and we ate in quiet closeness. What a day and what an awesome ending. It really was a day that got etched into my memory like words carved deep into stone. A day I can never forget for other reasons too – ever. 
Come to think of it, I really do stand at the brink of a whole new world. I am stepping into a new job. Moving to a new city. Setting up a home of my own with my husband. All ready to take on a whole new set of challenges. While I should have started off on these a while ago, now is when life has presented me these opportunities. I am looking for the lessons in store for me in this decade. 
I truly believe that I stand a brink of a strength test now. I am really stepping into the furnace with so many changes happening all at once. I think I might need new shoes for this journey but for now the excitement would do. 
 I think i will mark my landmark decade years with posts all year through. Probably I’

ll start of with the list aboveNot really regular, but a series nevertheless. It will be something to look back on when I do get older.Hmm.

P.s : I am really glad that this time, I got personalised wishes direct to me instead of wishes created through social media frenzy. All those who remembered to wish me on 11th Apr, thank you, love you.

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