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Blog Block? – 5 Ways to beat writer’s block

 For a while now, I have been working on others things and not tending much to my blog. I have recently  moved and am still settling in. And along with it comes a whole lot of challenges, and my blog took a back seat. Now most of the work is done and all I need to do is to buy my tickets. When I look back, I think I should have documented the moving process.

Now, I have been trying to write about it and come up with posts but I just did not. In fact I have a lot of ideas, lot of created graphics etc and yet am stuck. And I am wondering exactly what I have been upto. And I arrived at a nice pie chart of the reasons.

And realised at most of these are really superficial and most popular(lazy reasons to not write). Also, I noticed that the red big part of the pie was the most important reason. I was actively pushing writing away. Writers block had set in.

Wikipedia lists this article for writer’s block and defines it as “a condition, primarily associated with typing, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work. The condition ranges from difficulty in coming up with original ideas to more extreme examples in which some “blocked” writers have been unable to work for years, and some have even abandoned their supposed lifelong careers……Writer’s block can manifest when a writer views their work as inferior or unsuitable.

Mike Rose defines writer’s block as:
 “an inability to begin or continue writing for reasons other than lack of basic skill or commitment”

That is quite true of me now & I sure hope it is temporary(fingers crossed).

In order to break this, here are some ways:

  1. Read/surf a little bit more – There always is inspiration, lurking just about the corner. Particularly Pinterest. There is something inspiring about looking at beautiful pictures on topics of interest to you &  There is a lot of good work out there. So yes,  read a book or surf for ideas more than you normally do.
  2. Re plan posts –  If I have already planned topics and find then uninspiring, shake up their schedule a little bit. Going through the post content and re prioritizing them. It is a good source of ideas for follow up posts.
  3. Get creative otherwise – Sometimes, creating graphics for post topics actually feels therapeutic, and helps break the silence in the head. Make a good meal, indulge in another hobby, anything that feels creative to you.
  4. Speak to your blog community – Use them as a spring board for Ideas. Interact with them. Appreciation usually lifts spirits and therefore helps creativity. I think it is sometimes o.k to fish for compliments shamelessly
  5. Find a quote calendar – The most recent help I have found is a year calendar with no dates, but a nice quote for each day. I have decided I will elaborate on the quote of the day when I find a dearth of ideas, and keep the writing going. Try to come up with a whacky product to avoid feeling a little like writing a middle school essay on a given topic. Just keep the juices flowing.

  Here are some preventive ways to help you tide over a block

  1. Have a blog Journal – A nice fancy notebook to jot  ideas every time one strikes. Use this reservoir to come up with posts during a dry period.
  2. Journal or not, Note it! – when I have an idea, I grab a piece of paper, note the idea, elaborate it with single word points and stuff it in my purse.
  3. Allot a schedule for this purpose –  dedicate a specific time for writing, Eg. Mon, Wed, Fri at 1900hrs, and concentrate only on writing in this time.Shut out distractions. 
  4. Stay committed – Stick to your blog post schedule/plan. If you dont have one yet, create one right now. There are very good available online to help with this procedure.

Here are some sites that I find quite informative on tackling the block:

Most of these ideas are based on actual writing, but are also equally relevant for blog posts. But in order to keep posts flowing with out taxing your creativity too much, there are a whole bunch of other ideas. And that list is coming up soon!! Here.

Have you encountered and countered this challenge? If so, How?


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