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Blogging: 8 Essentials of Blogging – PART 1

Here comes the first post of the series – getting started with the blog. That you have decided on starting a blog, here are some pointers on the basics of blogging & its construction – Brick-by brick.  This post will concentrate on :
The groundwork– Once you have decided that you are going to start a blog, it is important to decide what the nature and focus of the blog will be. It could be one of many: a diary sharing your life story, or it could be a craft blog, where you show people your skills, or it could be a How-to blog, or may be a blog to support your business, or even a simple outlet where you vent out your feelings. You need to decide the nature of the blog. This will help you narrow the focus of the blog and give a specific purpose.This will also help you to identify your SEO keywords for the blog
The posts– Any blogger will tell you this with conviction: Content is King. And Queen and  Jack and everything of blog. Work with commitment towards creative quality content with regularity. Create content with value for the readers  to have them coming back. In order to keep your readers engaged is to create content that will provide a takeback to them. Creating a post schedule and sticking to it will help. Make a blog calender and schedule your posts and blogging activities. There are a lot of blog planners available online. Use those  for starters.
The platform-There are a lot of options here:  Wordpress, Blogger, TypePad are a few popular ones. Running you own website is also an option. Blogger and WordPress are very easy places to start if you are a newbie. They offer a lot of options in terms of themes, widgets, ease of organising and publishing while still being free.
Blog name and title– Now  it time to fix on a Blog name. Try to keep the name based on your blog subject.  For eg. Food lovers haven, Story of a Ranch Wife, Crochet & Quill etc. And it is best if the link of the blog is the same as the title. If it is not exactly possible, atleast centre it around the title. If the blog is a professional/business blog, it would be good to purchase a domain and have a .com, .in, .org, .us site for your site.  If you are just setting out on your blogging journey, then you may start with blogspot.com/wordpress.com as offered by both these sites
So yes, these are the first 4 of the eight essentials.  The second will soon follow and will cov 
  • The Elements – Header.About  Page.  Contact page/on sidebar.
  • The Appearance-Theme. Colour coordination and choices. Layouts
  • The Pictures- creating graphics. Photoshop.Gimp.Picmonkey.Piktographics
  • Blog Promotion- Facebook,pinterest,twitter,Instagram,google+.

 See you soon with more !!

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