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A New series starting!!

Woot Woot!! Make way all you fabulous people! Awesomeness heading your way!

All of you who are reading this blog and wondering if you should start one of your own, there is super news for you. And for those who have already taken the plunge but are looking for bits of help and tips, it is for you too.Newbies, you’ll love this.

Love what? A whole new series here: Brick By Brick. Posts that offer generous servings of help on blogging. Topics range from content creation, to blog elements, to writer’s block , to great blogging resources and whole lot more.Tips, treats, freebies – all coming your way !!

Friday is the day. You can expect your weekly dose of B-by-B. Every friday, starting with the coming one, one aspect of blogging will come your way. One aspect simplified for you.

Now, while I have my schedule for this, I prefer to address your needs first and so any request for posts, any topics to be covered, any questions, please post on the comments. I will cover as many as I can , either by replies, or if the topic warrants, a whole post by itself!!

Count your days down, Friday is just round the corner!!

p.s: First post is out !! Here :)!


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