Luscious lips in a box ….

When I was a kid, I had gone to visit a cousin , and on her dresser I found something that I still drool over .. it  was a big bright box with lace and ribbon, and guess what it was filled with – LIPSTICKS !!!!

Oh how I swooned over it.. A big box filled with various brands, lots of colors – lovely smooth jewels.. Filled a little carelessly, with lipsticks.. almost brimming with beauty.. OMG.. I vowed to have something like it one day, and started quietly collecting lipsticks.. and now I can easily say I have a lot more than that box, but that was my inspiration. I still keep my lipsticks like that box, a bit messy a bit like a pile.. and when I want to find one .. its not so easy, but hey, its my Box.
Oflate, my lip balms, glosses, lip liners and even some cotton( i have no idea why) has found its way into the box ..and its brimming and pouring over.. So i have some of its contents ( my Fav ones ofcourse) out, for a photo session .. Well,thats actually my way of cleaning the box . When i actually look at the pile, i am getting the feeling its high time i find some method to sort this out .. May be smaller ( yet pretty) boxes .. or a stack of mini drawers.. I dont know yet.. but definitely must do something to keep these better .. Humph!
Here’s a picture of some of my favorite lip products. More clear pictures and swatches will follow soon!!

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