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Elle18 Color Pops – Sheer softness!

I have been a bit of the Elle18 fan since college days . I used to live on a tight budget and busy days,  traveling often and keeping myself pretty occupied.. Lipsticks and Eyeliner were all the make up I used to sport apart from the mandatory sun-tan and face powder.. And this was the brand that worked for me in so many different ways .. And this post is just about the lipsticks that i used to love, and i continued love them every time they were re-launched ..Actually lots more love since they started coming with this moisturizing core .. But this time round, there is super cutesy packaging as opposed to the earlier “i go to office” packaging.

I like to look neat and presentable even when i do mundane things like cook, wash and clean. And before these came back I had to use a lip balm; a matte lipstick.. Or a nice butter finish cream lipstick so i don’t dry my lips out.. I work a lot in Air conditioned areas and dry my skin, lips, & hair out. A lot. And these are a boon. They moisturize well. And give a nice HINT of color unless a lot of layers are applied. So the look is not over done, but is just well done ..They tend to leave more a sheer finish then a solid color, so they quite natural – at least most shades do, especially my favorite Cocoa Creme.
I got myself three shades and I am totally in love with Cocoa Creme ( long time love) and Rusty (new love). Cocoa Creme is a nice brown, tending towards a dark chestnut shade , but sheer. SHEER is the key word here. And Rusty is a peachy pink! and the last one is the only berry shade i own.. i always think berry shades make me look darker.. they just don’t inspire me much.. But this one, i like. Its called Berry Crush..

1. Berry Crush

4.Cocoa Creme

Don’t miss the sheer finish on the swatches . If you really want some nice dense color.. These are so not for you.. But they sure do a great job as a Balm+lip tint. Also, at a Rs.100 each, they are a steal.


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