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Eyeconic !!

Today, i was looking to finish a couple of tasks: go to the library and meet a friend.  But somehow on the way, I landed myself at the local cosmetic store and bought a couple products!!Of late, I have been amassing eye products and decided to try the Lakme Eye-conic Range – the Lakme Curling Mascara.. And the Lakme Eye-Conic Kajal. To complete the eye-product range, I also sampled the Lakme Absolute Shine Line Eyeliner( in Black).

And here’s about the Lakme Curling Mascara. It comes in this curvy container shaped like a tear-drop(from the top), a new nice applicator brush, and the new colour tones that Lakme has started using for the eye-conic range really please the eye .. if you know what i mean .. 

So i give it a shot and find it really amazing. It is super smooth and really dense. Not so dense to look clumpy, but just enough to give your lashes the length and thickness they need. And all in just one coat. A double coat gives an intense black and statement finish.. Just brilliance. When i dress up to the bold look, this one is definitely on my list of must wears.

What adds to the brilliance is the Smart Curl Brush. Its slightly curved and does very well to work just the lashes without getting spots on the side/lids ( Ew! Messy to remove, especially if you have eye-shadow on). Works even better if you want to apply mascara only to the lashes near the ends of the eyes oe reach the lashes near the tear ducts. Most brushes make it difficult to get there, but not this one. I use mascara on the outer ends of the eyes for daily make up, to highlight my lashes and give them a bit of length. My office women still don’t do the full routine, you see.. So it suits me perfectly, for daily use as well!

Only problem with this is that its one tough cookie to clear. You have to put in some effort to get this off your eyes, it just wont leave easy. I used a Revlon Make-up remover and had to struggle with it quite a bit and after, my lashes looked a tad longer. Now am not sure if i got all of it out. But longer lashes? Yay!

And at Rs.250, i think it’s a super hot buy ! Must get .. RIGHT NOW!


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