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Maybelline Baby Lips

Its winter and dryness has set in. I am reaching out to my lip balms for life (or lips) support.  I have quite a few balms and I am going to look at them one by one over the next few days, and am starting with the Lip Balm sticks. I always go for red, pink or peach toned: the flavours being cherry, strawberry, berry, guava and the likes, with the exception of Rose ( from Vaseline). I have never tried an orange/coral shade and i so wanted to give it a shot. And here’s Maybelline Baby Lips in Coral Flush. Ofcourse i also bought the pinky one Cherry  Kiss . Ha !
Maybelline promises that this is the next generation Lip Balm making adult lips baby soft! Oooh! It comes in 4 shades (i think) and there is also one that promises to repair. With Botanical Cell repair Concentrate,i ts even better than the regular Baby Lips they say. But for now lets talk about the regular Baby Lips.The picture for the packaging is here for you to see. It look quite neat and cutesy, doesn’t it.
They come in packs of 4.5 grams each and pack in formula for Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil. They are also dermatologist-tested and allergy-tested.
As for the color/tint goes, the packaging says it has a translucent colour and shine> It is infused with pure color system to give a pop of color, while remaining translucent. That means, natural looking lips, but with a nice shade. I likes :)!
Now that its color is not too pronounced, I find it very usable in a second way – under my Matte/powder finish lipsticks. These are an excellent base, especially if you sit in AC offices.They receive the color but keep the moisture. I use the Coral Flush under brown tones and Cherry Kiss under pink/red/coral tones and the finish does not change the color of the lipstick. I used to do this with Vaseline Pet Jelly before, but had the problem of lipstick bleeds (Ugly. Period.). So i had to keep checking often to correct it. But not anymore. One swipe (Only one, not more. I am still a bit scared it MAY bleed after a while) of this and my lipstick over it is just Fab. Super!
These lip Balms also promise 6 hr moisture and SPF16. And they are indeed very smooth and very effective . In one nights application, i could feel my lips go very soft, Very baby. And the taste is also good. The Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil helps to shed roughness, apparently. Very Nice.They sit light on the lips and dont feel sticky /oily. I haven’t used them in the outdoors yet. So cant say if hair sticks on  when wind blows. But so far they’ve been brilliant.

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