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Colossal Kajal – Super Lovely Eyes!

This eye pencil was part of a shopping from H&G .. Am on budget mode and only drugstore brands for a while, so this was among the first picks.Its been a while since i bought this though..
I fell in love with this one as soon as i tried it, in the store.And not even on my eye .. the colour is very dense and the lines are neat and clear.It doesn’t smudge for a few hours.And stays quite intense for quite a while. And even after it smudges it maintains its intensity.I just love its blackness. sooo intense .. Of late, most pencils are an intense black and  i am liking that finish.
The only thing is that it smudges around its pencil.. and the pencil being yellow, its gets a bit dirty looking and that i dont likes that too much .. I am the kind that wipes the spills and smudges very consciously and keep them neat . i am having to bother too much with this one 😦 ! Atleast this one is a two way pencil – If i roll out too much, i can roll it back in ..
Also, it tends to dry out a bit if you leave it unused for a while, and you can actually feel it when you apply it the next time. I dont think its supposed to do that and i aint liking it..
Pix are in the side & a swatch below ..The swatch appears a bit blurred here.. But in reality the lines are pretty clean and good .. i think i need to improve my photography skills..
I have forgotten the price for this one .. i remember it was around 199-299 at H&G.. so for daily use or to pack for handbags .. its a hot buy..
I am not sure I like the border design on the picture, but I formatted a few the same way and lost the originals . Phew !!

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