And its that time of the year …. again!!

Yes it is .. It is Christmas time. The time of the year when my spirit soars and good cheer is in the air. Just about everywhere. Cakes, gifts, secret santas and real santas ofcourse .. I only miss the snow that is a part of the festivities every where else in the world, ushering in a new year with frosty welcome… filled with new possibilities.. and probably new resolutions .. so here . me wishing you all a Merry christmas and very joyful new year …

It is that time of the year when I take stock of the past year and in life in general. And just like every year, this year also have not left me in great spirits.I am not sounding sullen, I have woken up actually. When I look back , I feel like a child standing at a busy crossroad junction staring at the speeding traffic. The world whizzing by me while I hold tight to the traffic signal post and stare blankly. Years have gone by, people have moved on to accomplish things, a lot of things have happened. But I just stood. I realise I have been stuck by the worst disease to affect one’s person- stagnation. When I should have been toiling away, equipping myself with skills and knowledge, I slothed. I just wasted years aways. Precious years I will never get back.

But now I have woken up. When I look back at 2013, it has been an awakening of sorts. I realised my feet have turned to lead and started working on melting it up. I have managed to get 2 certifications in the year. I get rid of some health issues. But the list of things on my Todo list is still long…

So along with joyous, here is hoping 2014 will also work in my favour. That it will also help all of you struggling with your lives to come over your troubles. That it will help those of you suffering in silence find a salve. That it will help all those locked inside your own heads find freedom.  That you will find that soul mate you are looking for, if you are single. If you are committed, may you find joy, fulfillment and unmeasureable love with stolen kisses, romantic gifts, and whole jingbang .. All you ladies – I hope for you specially.That all your kitchen experiments turn out successful .. That you have no bad hair days and your smile reaches your eyes .. that your husbands shower with gifts and your kids slobber you with kisses.

In all, I hope 2014 will bring you find whatever will give your souls inner peace, panda style.

Also, let the earth find more green cover with the arrival 2014


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