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Weight loss – with time!

Today when I was working out, I suffered through it. Usually when the pain is searing through the muscles most people need that extra push to get them through their work out. This is more important in the context that only after a certain period of workout, do we actually see visible results And I wanted to find out about when to expect results during workout. So , I found a general timeline on how long I need to persevere to find that final super kick to get me running with joy, on the treadmill.

In the process, I realised that the most important aspect is to keep the motivation while waiting for the results. Not for one day, not for 2 days but for as long as it takes for your body to respond to the workout. While expecting results, always keep in mind a few things :
  1. Every body and every lifestyle is different.
  2. What works for one, does not work for the other. Results always vary. 
  3. Each type of workout has its own  timeline on results. Some needs 3 months, some longer, or may be shorter.
  4. Weight loss comes last. First comes lots of energy & better moods. Then comes fab skin and great hair & nails. Weight loss comes after all this only. 

The reason why anyone ever saw any difference is patience and perseverance. The ability to consistently apply yourself despite the results is the only way to guarantee results. Not surprisingly, there are millions of people who stand testimony to thid. No, not the people in the ads, but ordinary people with not-so-glamorous lives. This is the commom thread that underlies all the workout philosophies world over. And it is in embracing this that we can also see results. 
So, stop checking the scales every day obsessively. So stop starving your body. Hydrate. Commit to your workout. And finally, have Patience.
Have patience. And wait for the result.

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