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Keep that workout going….

That I have already told you how I drag my feet to the gym(here), I thought its only logical to talk about the next step .. How to “Keep on Going” at the gym, when you want to call it a day.So this post is about how to get that muscles moving when you are in the gym. I am going to tell you some ways to work your concentration around that pain to pull you through the workout and I have figured out that there is more than one way to do this

 I thought about it a bit, asked a few friends, and watched gym mates on what pushes them that extra 10 minutes (more or less)

MUSIC: The universally most popular way is the music playlist. There are a lot of advantages to this one. You can choose your favorites. You can decide your pace, type, rhythm etc. The beats in the song can set the pace of your workout. Or the rhythm can make you to move to it while working on weights. Or it can simply serve as your clock – to do one weight routine/machine until one track gets over.

TV: This is my personal favorite. As much as I love cycling I hate the treadmill. On days when I have no choice but the treadmill for my cardio workout, the T.V is my saviour. As long as the TV is on and my eyes are on it, I can survive 45-50 mins on the workout. And would not last 20 mins on my music list. My music list is pretty decent. Yet nothing works for me like the TV does.

COUNTING: When doing weights, and that shoulder muscle is spilling silent tears, I count in a language that is not my mother tongue or english. I count in French or in Hindi or in Telugu. It is simply distracting.When its hindi or telugu, I sometimes forget the numbers. I end up thinking about what is the next number and forget the pain. I dont know if there is great logic here, but it gets through 3 sets of 25 of any exercise.

COMPETITION: One friend says one way to stick to your workout is to compete with the Mr./Ms. G of the gym. Or simply the person next to you on the machine. She usually competes with the person who gets on a cardio machine immediately after her.  And works out for 5 mins atleast after she has stepped off it. I have not tried it yet as I am still struggling to get used to the treadmill.But it is pretty effective if you ask her.

2 MINS MORE: Another friend at the gym says she that  when she wants to stops, she pushes herself to do just 2 minutes more on the cardio machines. And 5 more on weights. And if she can do that, then 5 more, then 5 more .. and so on. At the end, she has done quite a count and not too exhausted too. Also, she does her weights before she does her cardios.

So yeah. Try these if you find it hard to move that body.


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