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Navratri is here – a week long celebration of the power of the goddess Durga. There is a whole story behind the festival. The theme is the victory of good over evil, and the celebration of the female goddess Durga, in her many forms. The celebration actually lasts for about 10 days . As the celebrations are local to each region in India, there are so many ways to add life to this season.
I am from Chennai. Here Navratri has lot more to it than the spiritual aspect. Here it also means golu, sundal, and gifts .. a whole lot of gifts.. Golu is an arrangements of dolls, sundal is seasoned lentils and gifts .. that one is obvious eh. All the women folk we know are invited over to see and appreciate the golu. A lot of people sing when the come to visit.
Now back to the gifts.As much as we receive gifts, we also need to give gifts to our near and dear.  And whole lot of time and effort is invested into buying unique and useful gifts. And mom did a real fab job this year. This is for the all friends who visit us. A nice little box for storing pretty trinkets, or a pair of earrings may be. But her intention is to use it to store Kumkum.

And this one is for me. Only me . A necklace . A traditional Kaasu malai. Ha!!! Lovvvvee it. And my mommiiieee dearest!!


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