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The Bulging lunch bag

I work in a factory. The office bus picks me up and drops me back. There is food( proper meals & snacks), tea,coffee, water etc available right at work. Stationary is abundant. There is a medical centre. And all that Jazz. So there is next to need for me to actually carry a handbag at all. But I do pack a nice light one.It has just the essentials:  wallet, mobile phone, ID card, keys, shades, tissues, a couple pens and a tiny notepad, tissues and hand sanitizer. Sometimes I even manage to keep my money in my ID card and leave the wallet back home.

But now, the bag looks like a pregnant cow.

The size of the bag, these days, has phenomenally increased. And it is simply food. With workouots, I have become pretty conscious of my food. And packing my food makes me keep to my regime. I dont reach for that digestive biscuit, or for cup of tea, or pop corn or whatever else is available at work. I eat what I pack. Even if it (sometimes) is simply to reduce the weight of my bag for the evening.

On my work desk, I stack the boxes, so that they are always in line of sight. That way , the snacks and biscuits find no place around me. Also, they help me keep time, to ensure the food is regular, that I eat something every 2 hours. The water bottle sits right beside reminding me to empty it before the day is done.  

To ensure I have something to look forward to, I try and vary the menu as much as I can.Sometimes its fruits ,salads, beans etc. I carry a breakfast and 2 mid meals. And this is my day in general. So I plan on the week ends and cook a bit in the late evenings during week days, for the next working day. But I buy and stock most stuff during the weekend or on a monthly basis.

Here is straight list of what I do:

  1. I plan in advance for my meals and buy it right. – I have a schedule table which I try to adhere to. And do my shopping accordingly.
  2. I seek recipes to make them a little more interesting. –  I experiment with spices and flavours to find tastes I enjoy. I ave realised I hate raw onions in my salad.
  3. I cook my own food – Yes I do. I know how much I eat & what I like. Plus If I cook, I dont want to waste  – the effort or the food. I ensure there is time for this everyday.
  4. I eat in a timely manner – Once every 2 /2.5 hours. Definitely.
  5. I keep fried snacks and junk out of sight – I shop for me. So I simply keep off the aisles stocking junk.

And then I pack and I carry it to work. Daily. Even if it means mini arm workout everyday.

My today’s lunch pack has these:

A box of Oats( 1.5 cups) – for breakfast
A box of cooked corn(1/2 cup) – Mid meal snack
A box of peas saladr(1/2 to1) – Mid meal snack
A large bottle of water ( about a litre) with a slice of lemon in it.


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