Health, Workout Log

A little jewellery

Today while having coffee at work, I heard a colleague say her chain has become slightly loose. And was shocked breathless when she clarified it was her waist chain.

In India, CHILDREN wear waist chains. After a few years, its taken off. They probably wear it till they are 10 years old. No one has it on at 26 years. No One.

But, she still has it on. She never outgrew what she wore as a child. (Whatttttttt? How?)

I cant even imagine it. It is just miraculous or plan luck that someone can be built that way. Super fast metabolic rate I guess, but it just leaves me with my jaw dropped. There is nothing I wouldn’t sacrifice to be like that. No just kidding. I believe that whatever we get without a bit of effort, we fail to value. So yup, this is what I am going to do:

  1. double up those crunches
  2. Not make Sunday rest day – Do some cardio at least
  3. be more committed to healthy eating
  4. Keep rice kilometers away

Everytime I think of the waist chain, that is where I want to get. I want to be able to wear child size stuff. No not really. I don’t think my body has that kind of frame. I have broad shoulders and all that. So no childsize clothes/accessories for me. But I sure can hope to wear a waist chain that is not XXL size.


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