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Perfumes at work OUT

Today I was back from work very late and had to rush to gym to cram in todays workout. I did not want to start the Count-until-30 all over again. So decided to fit in atleast 30 minutes of workout. And guess what almost broke my resolution. Body spray. 

The girl working out beside me was sweating hard and running consistently.   Quite inspiring. But I ran.. not on the treadmill, but away from it.  She was wearing a perfume that was too strong and was one of cheap room spray types. It just invaded the whole workout hall like a smoke bomb. All the people in the gym were working out in the farthest corner simply to keep distance from her. And I did just the same. I picked a crosstread 4 machines away.

Strong perfumes are very distracting. Not just in the gym everywhere, but more so in the gym. During workouts we are constantly looking to push our limits and there already is sufficient assault on the body. There is absolutely no need to add an olfactory aspect to it. Strong and dense perfumes are as unbearable as BO. It is good that she felt the need to keep BO at bay. However it is very important to keep it mild and to choose a good body spray/ perfume.
Please. For the sake of the others in the gym, who need as much workout as you do , probably more.
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