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The gym bag

I found a new excuse to shop. I need a gym bag. Puma Store..Cute red bag…. here I come..
Ncurrieram keeping my wallet tightly shut for a few days. I am living on a budget as I am moving out of the city in a few months time. Absolutely no shopping for anything other than household stuff. So I dug out a large tote I used to use as an overnight bag. BTW here is a picture of the bag I wanted, but resisted.
Now, I prefer keeping my bags light and carry only the essentials. My handbag too holds only minimal things. The gym is just 5 minutes away from home and makes it easy to run back if I realllllly need anything.

I am not an exact fan of taking a shower in the gym. I get back home for the shower. I pack a second set of clothes( and my makeup bag) only on weekends, when I use the steam room. So my gym bag stays prettty light on most days. And when I get home, I put my dumbbells inside it thus keeping my workout stuff from straying about the house.
And no energy bars or post workout smoothies either. I cant eat right after workout.Plus I think smoothies are too dense and filling. No can do.The lemon juice works just fine for me; during workout, and after too.

Coming to what I pack, here is a list of what I stuff inside my gym bag( rather gym tote) :

  • Shoes
  • 2 pairs of socks 
  • 2 sets of hand towels
  • 1 good deo
  • Hairbands
  • Foldable hairbrush
  • A one litre water bottle( filled with lemon juice w/o sugar)
  • Mobile, keys and wallet
  • Mat
So yeah. That’s whats in it. Ill add some pictures of my actual bag shortly.
And here is my current bag:

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