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Routines & Day 2

I have not been a creature of habit, or of great discipline. And of late, I have been discovering the comfort of habit and routine. The simple assurance of knowing my plan for the day, I have realised, is peaceful in its own way. Excitement and surprises do jump in once in a while, but my routine ensures I have time for everything I value. All my priorities find their rightful place in my day.
In the course of setting my routine, I have seen that doing anything for 30 continuous days makes it a habit, makes it something that will be missed if stopped. For eg, Waking up at 0500 hrs every morning, for 30 days, no matter how much resistance your body shows, adjusts your body clock to wake up at that exact time on the 31st day. This method has pretty much worked for me on most occasions and this is how I tuned my body to my work schedule.
How I did  this? I picked inspiration from a very soppy TV series which aired a few years ago on some hindi channel. The main character of the series, a woman, was depicted as a beautiful, very loving, very skilled,  epitome of virtue etc – an impossibly boring indian daughter in law, who indian men can take not only to their mother , but also to their grandmother, and probably to her mother too. Out of social circumstances, she gets married to a guy who already has a live-in relationship with his business partner. And ill-treats her. Somewhere in the course of all this drama, an astrologist foretells that in 45 days, a major catastrophe will occur and she will die. So she opens out this 45 day chart, and  marks out each day as it passes and notes whatever happens to her. And 45 episodes breezed away. Ofcourse she did not die.. Duh!
Yes it was, & is, a crap prime-time soap. Yes I watched the episodes. All 45of them. And before you mark me down as a couch potato, let me tell you I have a decently active life, and watch very less TV now, and bring you back to the content of this post.
  • I opened out a calendar too.
  • And marked out 30 days.
  • I  have decided to cross out each day as it passes by.
  • I will also note down each days food and workout.
  • And I will blog it here.
  • For 30 days.
  • And make blogging AND gym a habit.
Now comes the actual reason for this post. It is a national Holiday, and the gym is closed.My 30 routine has already been broken( Sigh!).
Day 2 of gym is not happening and will be replaced by 1hr of walking, in the evening
I shall restart my count-until-30 tomorrow.

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