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Heroine – Boring. Predictable. Nothing else.

Amazing poster. Anyone who went to watch this movie, would have gone to see more of those legs and gorgeous actress. Both were there. The performances were good. The story line was alright. And the ending was trademark Madhur Bhandarkar. Something i always note in movies is how pleasing are the visuals – the background, the scene scape, the colors, the lights etc.. and this one was beautifully done in those aspects. There was nothing harsh or out of place or even noticeable, sparing the heroine, that is. That’s as much as i could think of, in terms of the positives for this movie.

Coming to the songs department,I somehow seemed to like the background score more than the songs. Only “Halkat Jawani” caught my attention and sadly it did nothing to help me like the movie more. I did not even like its choreography. In fact, this song is the one thing that broke the color convention of the movie with its super bright lights and garish costumes. That’s it. I dont remember the other songs. If there were other, i did not notice it.

But that’s it. Heroine is a typical Madhur Bhandarkar product. I can actually list out some characteristics.
1. A Definitive bleakness – There is no point in the movie where you actually feel good. Whether the subject is mentally in a good place or not, you are never in a good place.
2.There is always a graph. Starting at the top. Then continually dropping, as the movie is pole-ward moving thermometer. 
3.The end is vaguely promising,No walking happy walking into the sunset. Its based on reality you see. So, you are left to assume that all is well – a la Aamir Khan.
4. The amounts of glycerine used for tears is so much, it leaves med stores starved of supply.
5. There is marked male lead. A continually sobbing, hardly sober heroine has to carry it all on her wafer thin shoulders.
And this can be said of any most of his films eg. Fashion, Chandi Bar, and now, Heroine.
I am the kinds that go to movies for relief. I prefer comdies and the ones that end well. I somehow landed in this one and i wouldn’t list it on my “must watch” list. Its too dreary. You only get a Kareena looking like this 

for most part of the movie and i really dont like it.

Also, almost all the characters in the movie smoke like chimneys. I personally hate it and despise it that there is only a verbal warning before, at break, and at the end of the movie.

I basically shouldn’t have watched this movie. Period.


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