What was that again?

It was late in the evening and we had entered the airport as a group. We knew this was not the right entrance, and guards would be in place to stop us. May be even catch us, question us and threaten serious consequences. But we walked boldly through. Swaying our hands freely, faking a laugh yet keeping our eyes to ourselves. And we reached the pre decided point, we stood quietly and looked around. Nothing to worry.  Our rendezvous:the coffee spot, was right next to us. We just had to get our drinks and wait for her to arrive. And then everything would go as planned.
15 mins passed by. Nothing happened. No announcement of the flight. But a pair of eyes had taken notice of us. Severe clothing, closely cut hair, knitted brows, burly body and a smile-less face. I turned away quickly, acting like i had not noticed. May be we were there too early. May be we would get noticed after all. Mistake, it seemed. We walked into the coffee shop and ordered some more. A bit worried inside, but keeping up a normal facade. We finished the munchies up and yet no progress.

This time we had nothing much to do. and as we stood around we had certainly caught the attention of Mr. Burly, and this time his friend too. They kept up the game too. Stealing glances every once in a while, but definitely taking note. Panic slowly rose up our veins, but we were helpless. She still wasn’t there. Much longer here, and we would sure be in trouble. But we could not give ourselves away. We were looking at the exits desperately now. Any longer and it would not be good. And then i caught sign of him walking towards us. Slowly, calmly, resolute. And she also appeared at the gates. Thankfully, she was closer than he was and we would be well on our way out before he caught up with us.

But he gathered pace. My heart raced. But she reached first. before we could gather ourselves and exit, we heard his voice.

“Madam,  would like a hotel accommodation in the city, at a convenient location?”

A couple minutes of absolute silence.

And then a loud burst of laughter later, we escorted my sister out and headed towards the taxi, to continue with our plans for the day ..

😀 !

Thanks to dreamstime.com for the photo.


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