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Agneepath – Simply brilliant!!

I haven’t seen the original and have only seen the Hrithik Roshan version. But boy! its one hell of a flick, this. I picked an early morning show and thought i might just fall asleep through the course of the movie. I bought a decent sized portion of popcorn, enough to last me quite a while, and slid into the movie seat.

I guess a review will be done and dusted idea for this movie and repetitive for those who have seen the original, and enjoyed BigB saying “Vijay Dheenanath Chauhan”. But i can assure you, the new cast is just as refreshing and mature. Nobody over plays their part. The lines are well drawn, and the portrayals are just right. So my focus is going to be more on the cast than on the story.  

The movie started quite happily and the famous “masterji” of the village was indeed an inspiring figure, belting poetry out and looking all classy in white & having the charm of the wise. The son, Vijay, a symbol of strength, courage and steely grit and, undeniably, the angry young boy who would grow up to be the angry man. The injustice meted out to the father in the village are all very well taken and superbly acted out.
The movie rests squarely on Hrithik Roshan’s broad shoulders and he does carry it off remarkably well. I am not a fan of His and was seriously skeptical about his skills, but he is brillaint in this movie. The quiet resilience in his character is so well portrayed. There are no unexplained silences. The audiences are not forced to guess, or think of the original. The eyes show a steely determination, and yet are not cold. The mind works wickedly but is not insensitive. The body language is restricted yet overpowering. Such contrasts but all  portrayed. Sheer brilliance. 
The other members of the cast too do an amazing job. Sanjay Dutt looks truly menacing and detestable. The irrational autocratic character is very written and doesnt not repent and beg forgiveness like most villains of the time.The simple consistency of his nature is, oddly, working very well for this movie. Though Sanjay Dutt resembles Fester Adams, this is one role that will stay in the memory for a while. This one is tailor made for him and he does absolute justice to it.
The other actor who stands out is Rishi Kapoor. Never in my mind could i picture him in the role given to him in this movie.And yet, by the time the movie was done, i was left loathing his character.I dont have to vouch for this, But he is definitely actor who can deliver a role so convincingly, that the actor and the role blend, and you cannot differentiate who is evoking the response.This mans acting skills are simply beyond words.
Priyanka Chopra also does a decent job, despite her role being forgettable. Zarina Wahab as the hurt and upset mother is just perfect. The others actors too have done neat justice to their roles. Thankfully there aren,t many distractions in the movie. No silly comedy lines or illfit jokes. Just that apt amount thay fits in seamlessly.
The outstanding performances in the movie are highly complimented by the other aspects too. The cinematography is outstanding. The images that this  movie conjures up in your mind as it courses through is rich , filled with detail and very involving. The mind play is very nice. The lines in the movie are all attractive to the eye, and engaging to the mind. Even the gory scenes are in clean frames and neat. The colours are not hurting to the eye. the reds, though bright, just add colour. The costumes are good and pleasing and very situational. The best aspect is the background score. The score is high on percussion and is very apt. It not only gets you to look at the screen, it engages, involves and keeps you to the screen. It pulls you to emote. That is absolute mastery and it is evident. Throughout the movie, this aspect is as excellent as any other part of the movie. The songs though are forgettable. I am guessing the guys will remember Katrina Kaif though 😛 !!
Final verdict: Awesome movie. Must watch.


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