Diary, Me


This year, my only new year resolution was to actually plan my daily activities. And i chose to work this with a few fancy apps from android. Some really nice ones are available, i must admit.And i have been trying quite few of them now. SOme have cute interfaces and some really passable ones but they do their jobs. And with excuse, i would also be making smart use of my quite smart phone, or so i thought.

Until i realised i am just not the types. Apps are not for me. I have an app to track my expenditure, but i dont track it anymore. I have an app to track my weight, but i dont track it either. I have an app to track diet, but that sits idle as well. having said that, i guess i wont have to say what my android planner does.Yes, it sits simply on homescreen, empty.

I always had a fancy for actual paper as opposed to going digital/online for planning, writing, reading etc.
Though do blog, my fancy for actual stationary: pen, pencil and paper; never died.I still prefer the scratch of the pencil on paper. I like it that i can write as much, carry it along, add squigglies and doodles, colour stuff up, rip pages in anger and sometimes use verbal abuse without the fear of it being discovered. And i thought this was why i could not use the Apps. My fancy for stationaries needed feeding and the apps certainly did not do that. So i walked into the nearest stationer’s and bought myself a fancy planner: A day a page, leather, and some more jazz too. It felt good. I liked the planner, more so the idea that i was going to PLAN.

Until i realised i am just not the types. Planning is not for me. I am impulsive. I like to do things as they come, take one step at a time, and ( as i often say), cross the bridge when it comes. Planning doesn’t work for me. Planning of any kind doesnt work me.  I prioritze, but cant plan. I cant clutter book with appointments or scribble time & date on paper corners. I need to be cluttered, in a perennial state of disarray to be happy. I also realised i like the idea of certain things than the certain things themselves.

I still like writing and i also like the fancy pink planner though. ;)!!


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