Diary, Me

Oh look … Facebook !!

Five years ago was when i first saw it .. as a new variant to Orkut. And then a while later i hopped on board.. slowly felt my way through and made good friends with it … a harmless, totally incontrol
I searched for friends, old, new , long lost , just made … and i found them too : first the friends, and then the frnds, then the franz, then the frands, and some frnzs, and the likes… and still stayed on… And caught up with school mates , office mates , ex -office mates… childhood buddies … family … cousins .. like minded crazos … and all …
And then i got hooked to the games on line .. the travel game .. then farm house.. then Mafia Wars .. then flags and then had an online puppy .. and then i let it die …..
Kept track of a lot of people and brouwsed through really amusing updates … videos and funny quotes .. saw some friends pass through beautiful phases in life .. gave compliments … sent gifts … love and hugs .. pokes .. jokes … and said whatever’s on my mind .. literally ….

I wished them all well .. and now i have wished Facebook well too and said my byes to it .. after 5 long years …
But i now find that i have become so attached to it ..that when i go online, i inadvertantly open facebook and then remind myself that i no longer am there .. i try to access it on my phone and again am reminded that dont belong anymore .. and that the addiction was much stronger than i had anticipated and way beyond control .. getting it off my list of daily to-do’s is so much more difficult than i would like to admit.. but i ain’t i going back .. i am finding others things to do ..
I am going to meet actual people and stay in touch with them. I am going to pick up my phone and call those i cannot meet in person.. i am going to actually play a game of badminton with new friend at a club … i am going to remember the birthdays of my friends and call them up…. i am going to browse for videos on Youtube myself as opposed to looking at wall posts .. I see that i prefer actual socialising to social networking ..


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