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Repetitive, Crass and Boring – Hangover 2!!

That’s what Hangover 2 is all about. The humor and story line is a cheap imitation of Hangover 1 and looks like it was made on a shoestring budget in fleabag locales, with hopes of making as much money as the first part. However the attempt is an absolute failure.
The story is exactly the same. The groom this time is Stu, getting married to Lauren. She is Asian and has a highly talented brother, Teddy, who is the apple of his father’s eye.  As usual, a bachelor party happens and all 3 wake up in a dingy hotel in Bangkok, wiped clean of the memories of the previous night. The missing person this time is Teddy. The hunt, a la Vegas begins, and covers a lot of unsavory locations in Thailand and the discovery that Alan is once again the culprit. After a pile of silly, really dry and uninteresting events, Teddy is discovered, and our misery ends.
H2 has every element of H1, yet the movie fails to strike a chord. The most obvious reason is the lack of novelty, among others. The same bachelor party, with the same 3 forming the core group and getting lost, once again. Also this time, Stu is positively boring, Alan’s innocence borders on lewd and Phil is plain not funny.  Throw in the queer Chinese criminal (from H1), a drug dealing monkey and a silent monk and still the humor quotient lacks punch.
At one point, you just want to walk out. This moving is just not worth a score.


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