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You first see him having accepted a challenge to stuff his mouth with 40 buns…
His awe at Master Shifu, & Master Shifu with his usual smugness…
Baby him, doing little baby talk, and biting into radish, and looking up with those lovely beady eyes…
The earnestness with which he pleads to the Master Croc and Master Ox..
His love for food, simple confidence and heart-warming innocence just wraps us all up..
A bit serious, yet just as awesome.. Shining with those awesome expressions and simplicity. And just about being his round furry, cuddly self ..
He is simply his usual self and yet manages to enthral us all over again.. Any number of “awesome” would still be insufficient.
And this time , the entire gang gets just as fantastic .. The tigress gets a little woozy, and still maintains her smooth style … the stork is a funny dork.. . the monkey is in his high spirits as usual and the snake is, well, there ..
And then there is the brilliantly cruel Shen.. with those vibrant feathers and round eyes.. and swashbuckling movies… fanning out his feathers and making martial arts look killer graceful!!
But put them all to gather and you have awesome epic in animation..
Awesome .. Top score : 5/5 ..  Add this one to your must-see list this year…

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