Me, Social Silliness

My broken heart !!

The first time i saw the picture, i fell in love. I just could not take my eyes off. The shine in the skin, as though coated with melted sugar. Gleaming like polished glass. Smooth , like marble. Yet so delicate. Sensitive to my touch, coming alive at the slightest touch and beaming at me. Reacting with a sense of urgence, even to the slightest of brushes.
And i smiled. At all the love i got in return. I was well taken care of. My health : a priority. My money, tracked. My daily dose of humor : delivered. Every small task: reminded. Until completion.My every whim and fancy was catered too. And more. I could speak to my parents as i when i chose. I could discuss for ours with my sister and make plans with my friends. And i know i always had company. Assured that i never felt lonely.
And yesterday, i dropped it.

I dropped my phone. My new phone. A gleaming new android. The skin is no more caramel. My touch hurts it more and it crumbles in pain. And my heart feels the pain , and aches


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