Me, Too Much


Oflate, i realise that i have become particularly hateful of those that , for lack of an easier word, equivocate or misrepresent. The kinds that exploit those that are straight and simple.A lot like a vulture. That spots its prey, and quitely, cruelly hovers above, waiting for the right moment. Flying in circles, watching. No noise. No sign of its intention to swoop down and trap. These people are actually much worse. They do not have claws or talons. Nor sharp eyes. But they have the skill of the word and mind. They play with words and ideas,  placing them strategically, at moments where they are open to misinterpretation. They draw advantage of the faith of the trusting. Not only do they come across as immensely selfish and conniving, but also as completely insensitive individuals. They also manage to get away with it. And that, i think, is absolutely unacceptable. To me.

The moment i see someone like that, i get the strong urge to tell them that their attitude annoys me, at the least. And also makes me want to ask them what makes them so snooty.Is it their education ? Is it the money they earn? Or overconfidence derived out of a perceived sense of superiority?  I am curious to know what gives them the nerve to act the way they do, and not take any responsibilty for it. Do they assume that people are not intelligent enough to see through them? Or do they search and select those that appear naive? I wonder.

I would love to knock the living lights out of them!!!


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