World I :I cruise into the hotel lobby in this lengthy car.The security check my clutch purse. The usher opens the doors to an interesting meeting with my friends. Four of us grouped in a nice cozy place.Good start.  Everything sane. Jokes appropriately funny. Conversations flowing smoothly and in the intended direction. Faces still familiar . Waiters sounding clear and polite. Still talking respectfully about love, men & women, romance and flirting. Heading slightly towards the mischievous. Laughing heartily and quite often.
World II: I cruised into the hotel lobby in this lengthy car. The security checked my purse.Or did he ? cant say anymore.The usher opened the doors to an interesting evening.I sank into the comfortable seat, more soft and comfortable. The food tasted very good, a tad more spicy. The conversations are vague and pointless. And apparently funny. Faces , of friends and of waiters zoom in and out of focus. And on occasions, the same person appears to be on every seat in the room. Men & women are now mere objects of desire and love morphs into lust. Mischievous is now perversion and the laughter is hollow and meaningless.

Both the worlds are inside the same room, filled with the same people and the exist almost in the same period in time. Inside my head.

The difference: The title .


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