Me, Too Much

Quarterly Assessment!!!

Exam time folks and i am going to check on my resolutions for the year!! It has not been a good. No NOT at all. Have not bothered to keep track of most of my resolutions . Some i follow religiously, but the rest have gone out of track: Blogging for example. Infact, neither the book nor the blog has improved. Both are in pathetic shape. I can loftily say writers block … but most of you who know me would not agree. I love to put my thoughts on paper before it gets online but when i pick up my pen to write, i feel a strong urge to get a cup of coffee, or walk to the balcony for a moment, or watch TV a bit, or call someone chatty for a bit of ideas- actually, do anything but write. And there goes my first resolution!!Phew!
Coming to the second category:Fitness.
I have been good with this one ! I gym regularly, Infact, with so much enthusiasm that i surprise myself . The results are really motivating and the energy levels are good so yup! this one i’ll stick and not be abandonned :)! However the diet bit is a tricky one. I try hard and stick to the one pager my dietician has meticulousy put togather(in a font size that’s almost invisible).One week and i NEED (mind you, not WANT) a holiday! Now that doesnt get one too far doesit .. but nevertheless, there is 8 months more to go !!
And then there is category Finance and job.
“Get a better job for sure. Atleast a more meaningful one if not better.” I did nt even try!!
“Finish loans by april”: no i have not !
“Start on a saving plan”: no i have not !
And dont ask me why !!

The other resolutions are meant for the 3rd and 4th quarter and they shall be assessed then.
So far so bad!! hopefully the rest of the year goes better !

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