Resolutions 2009 : Bound to be broken!!

Resolutions . I think a lot of people make a list or atleast a couple every year . Not sure how far many get with the “live-up-to-the-resolution” bit.I try(people believe this ok). I give as good a shot as i can(not really true but i choose to say so).

Now what made me think about my resolutions :A mail at work form one of colleagues on how she fared last year.She seems to have a decent job(much better than me, atleast). And her list has lofty things on it ,for eg. contribute to the society in some way. And she has ticked it off as accomplished. Not sure how. On a comparative note , my list had much simpler stuff (as you can see below) and still i did not get too far with it !

I am going begin this year as well with as much fervour as every year and draw up a list again.But before that , just like my friend did, i am going to assess my performance last year.Last year I fared a bit better than usual – I managed to live up to a couple on the list..

  • Fitness : forgotten. I gained weight in 2008 instead of losing it. No excuses here. Worked out for a while and then quit (like i always do).But when i tried really hard to get back, by body just refused to budge :(.
  • Blogging and diary: forgotten as well. Well..
  • Grow hair longer: accomplished. Yippee !! after years of short hair, my tresses now fall below my shoulders, in neat bouncy layers!!(thats not much work , but resisting the scissor is an effort only few can understand)
  • cut up credits cards and survive without reordering: accomplished!(Man that was an effort. A really big one! Now that i managed to live without the cards, saving has to get on my list for 2009)
  • Study french and japanese: partially accomplished(studied french, but no japanese). This one was fun.
So there goes my list for last year. Its a fairly short one ,but still not fully met. Nevertheless, i havent lost hope and have made the new list for 2009 . I am going to categorise it and work it accordingly. let see if i make it atleast in a couple of departments this year:
  • Write. Write the book that i started.
  • Blog atleast once every week
  • Workout regularly
  • eat healthy
Finance and job:
  • get a better job for sure. Atleast a more meaningful one if not better.
  • finish loans by april
  • start on a saving plan.
  • finish 2 more levels of french and one more level of japanese
  • travel more wider : visit cousins up north
And to get a little more organised(thats a lofty one for me , but i am sure it pays well)
My list is simple as usual. nothing complex. Nothing that cant be achieved.But i will need to focus( now my list is getting very difficult, so i am going to stop thinking further on these lines).
Just like last year. A list of resolutions: a much longer one this time. Lets see how i fare. I think assessing myself every quarter will help me better.( sounds a lot like my company’s review cycle but i guess its worth the try).
Thanks to for the picture.

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