Social Silliness

Of Burgers ,of Rasam Saadam and of double standards

“What would i do if the hair i found was in the rasam saadam i eat at home?” To eat? or not eat ? That is the question.Eat – i definitely would .React? Well, i know i wouldn’t react at all. Despite being a little uncomfortable about it(and do mind the soft tone).Not because the headcount of its possible source is small and identifiable or because it is “just home”, but because i value the effort of the person who made it and inevitably that person is very dear .

And possibly also because i don’t shell a bomb out to get it.

A more practical answer would be that, i know and see the place where it is made everyday and am assured of a great maintenance by a skilled master at work – my mother – who i trust beyond words.

Then there is this situation:

  • Some unknown restaurant.
  • No familiarity at all – in faces or the place
  • Costs a bomb


  • there is hair in your food .

Why would i not scream?That’s my answer to his question.

Now the topic of my blog: The double standards in the home of every average Indian.
And this one cannot be denied.That which is an intolerable fault outside, is definitely acceptable when its home.For eg.My above story ,or the polished table manners of a youngster ,at a dinner in a restaurant, thats in stark contrast to the usual eating habits at home. Or the “Excuse me ” outside the home as opposed to the careless push when its family.

And in some cases its might just be the other way. Our houses are spic and span ,but we spit on our roads and on walls – on any wall for that matter – except may be our own house.And i am talking chewing gums,not pan. The men will want their women and children to be treated soft and fair and yet will all stampede like wild buffaloes into the office elevator ,leaving the poor women ,who are waiting equally anxiously for the same angel take them all to “up above the world so high “,wondering what just happened. The instances are endless.

May be this is just two sides of the same coin or both just coexist harmoniously.Which ever way, i think India would be incomplete without these absolute contrasts juxtaposed against each other .

As usual ,comments invited.


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