What’s in your burger?

Today started with bright sunshine and the all the energy a good night’s sleep provides.A brisk walk added in and the that was the perfect start to an almost perfect day – so far.But that’s hardly the topic of my blog today.

A burger at one of the world famous burger joints-Lets call them Mac Brown. . That’s the topic .

After a busy first half of a workday, i walked into Mac B’s for a quick lunch and what was intended to be a quick one turned out more lengthy than anticipated. Reason- i found a Hair in my burger. And that gave me the creeps . I really cannot stand that kind of stuff in the food and just could not go quite about it .

I spoke to the waiter there who forgot to apologise but promptly offered to replace it for free -now is that him being merciful to me ?Poor me , found a wriggly squiggly in my food and am distressed. come on lets get her free meal . Excuse me – a clean and hygienic meal was what i was due for the money i had paid. I wanted better service – a proper apology. I decided to escalate the issue to see what the manager had to say on the issue . i did not get an apology on this either. I have now taken the number of their complaints team and will definitely be taking it ahead , but like i always have – there are a few more questions.

Why am i reacting this way ? In India , everybody comes across these situations and barely react to it . They just are too busy or too occupied to get worked up on “silly” issues like the one at MacB’s. They are rather tolerant and move on with whatever occupies them and ignore these as trifling.But me – i might include a whole generation of like minds here – i am sure wouldn’t take it lightly.

Expectations have risen to great heights and the youngsters are demanding for more. There is big divide – a very big on that on the kind of expectations that exist and the service that is being delivered- atleast in India. Unquestionably this is the era of consumerism The swank & upscale , highly demanding, quality conscious youth arguing for more than just food, while there is the “i am used to this and i don’t expect more of India” crowd that is smiling condescendingly at the rest of us .Is it a little too much of a nation that is still nascent on its development process? Do my expectations make sense, or should i just be a bit more patient?
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One thought on “What’s in your burger?

  1. Anonymous says:

    what would you do if the rasam saadam at home had a hair?derive comfort that the population at large to whom you can assign the hair is reduced?or feel sad that the situation at home is no better?or is it “its home only”?or is it all of the above ?🙂 ganesha very intersting and readable blog…

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